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Rail & Transportation

We operate a steel fabrication shop that designs and fabricates parts for rail, intermodal, and the entire transportation industry. Our in-house and contract design engineers and welders meet all certifications.

Gas & Oil

We have recently designed used motor oil processing equipment that, along with our special proprietary chemical formulas, transforms used motor oils into valuable cutting fluids and specialized penetrating oil for business and industry.


Our company has a staff of Petro-chemical product engineers that develop industrial cleaning products, degreasers, metal and steel restoration products, solvents, and specialized blended antifreezes to -100°F.

Other Industries

The company’s R&D team specializes in repurposing technology and products from one industry to other industries and operates a it’s own chemistry lab, machine and welding shops.


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Graffiti-Removing Chemical

We've recently developed a revolutionary chemical that can remove graffiti from surfaces without damaging the protective top-coat of paint underneath. Other chemicals reduce the top-coat, leaving rail cars vulnerable to oxidation, but ours targets the graffiti alone.

Recycling Used Motor Oil

The SME-100 Waste Oil Processor, processes 12 gallons of used motor oil per minute, combined with our proprietary chemical formula, transforms used waste motor oil into valuable cutting fluids and penetrating oils for business and industry. We will be debuting our New SME-100 Waste Motor Oil Processor at the upcoming "bizX Trade Show" on September 26th, at the Pegula Ice Arena at Penn State University! This event is hosted by the Blair County Chamber of Business and Industry and the Chamber of Business and Industry of Centre County.

Steel and Cast Iron Protective Coating

The steel railcar bumpers seen in the photo above have been in the elements for nearly a year now. The top bumper has had coating applied to it while the other has not. As you can see, our product makes a huge difference. Our special coaling is not paint and it is applied by a spray bottle.

"Through innovation, we at Sam Mannino Enterprises are solving tomorrow’s waste problems today by repurposing and recycling waste and residual products from one industry to another!" - President and CEO

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