Although flat rack containers are primarily meant for overwidth (width greater than 2.35m or 7’8”) and heavyweight cargo, both overwidth and over-height cargo can be loaded on flat rack containers due to its open construction. The specially reinforced bottom construction can sustain the high pressure of heavyweight cargo. Numerous high load capacity lashing rings are installed on the corner posts, top-side rails and bottom-side rails for lashing and bracing of the cargo. Commodities commonly shipped in the flat rack container include machinery, industrial boilers, tractors, parts packed in cases, steel tubes, steel pipes, steel bars, and cables.

Payload (Weight)31,260 – 40,050 kg68,920- 88,300 lb
Tare Weight2,600 – 2,820 kg5,732- 6,217 lb
Max Gross Weight30,000 – 45,000 kg66,140- 99,210 lb
Internal Length12.054 m39’7′
Internal Width2.230 m7’4′
Internal Height1.955 m6’5′
External Length12.192 m40’0′
External Width2.438 m8’0′
External Height2.591 m8’6′

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