This type of container is used for transporting less voluminous cargo that needs temperature control/heat/ cold protection.

Cubic Capacity28.300 cubic meters999 cubic feet
Payload (Weight)27,450 kg60,517 lb
Tare Weight3,030 kg6,680 lb
Max Gross Weight30,480 kg67,197 lb
Internal Length5.446 m17’10’
Internal Width2.294 m7’6′
Internal Height2.263 m7’5′
External Length6.058 m19’11’
External Width2.438 m8’0′
External Height2.591 m8’6′
Door Opening Width2.290 m7’6′
Door Opening Height2.260 m7’5′
Cooling Unit8,820 kcal/h at 35F 
Controlled AtmosphereYes 
Modified AtmosphereYes 

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