Open top containers are especially suitable for transporting over-height cargo, i.e. cargo taller than 2.54m (8’5′). They are available in two sizes: 20′ and 40′. Cargo can be loaded by crane from the top-side. Overheight cargo can also be loaded from the door-side since the door header can be swung open.

Numerous lashing rings are available on the four corner posts, top-side rails and bottom-side rails for securing the cargo. If the cargo needs to be protected from rain, tarpaulin sheets can be provided to cover the top of the container.

Cubic Capacity32.200 cubic meters1,130 cubic feet
Payload (Weight)28,230 kg62,240 lb
Tare Weight2,250 kg4,960 lb
Max Gross Weight30,480 kg67,200 lb
Internal Length5.900 m19’4′
Internal Width2.350 m7’8′
Internal Height2.310 m7’7′
Door Opening Width2.340 m7’8′
Door Opening Height2.260 m7’5′
Roof Opening Length5.500 m18’1′
Roof Opening Width2.220 m7’3′

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