Most carriers have 24,000-litre ISO tank container fleets. Tank containers are separated for two transportation purposes: tank containers for liquid chemical products and tank containers exclusively for liquid foodstuff. Commodities commonly shipped in the tank container include harmful and/or hazardous chemicals and liquid foodstuff. Docs: SpecsParametersQuote

Cubic Capacity24,000 liter6,340 gallon
Tare Weight3,650 kg8,047 lb
Max Gross Weight34,000 kg74,957 lb
Working Pressure4 bar58.0 psi
Test Pressure6 bar87.0 psi
Vacuum Pressure0.42 bar6.1 psi
Barrel/Head Thickness4.6/4.5 mm0.181’/0.177′
External Length6.058 m19’11’
External Width2.438 m8’0′
External Height2.591 m8’6′

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