40 feet high cube (HC/HQ) steel containers are weather closed containers suitable for transporting most general cargo. They are especially cost-effective for more voluminous and light weighted cargo like for instance furniture

Empty container volume76.400 cubic meters2,700 cubic feet
Maximum load capacity  
Tare weight3,730 kg – 3,950 kg8,223 lb – 8,708 lb
Allowed max. weight  
Internal Length12.033 m39’6′
Internal Width2.352 m7’9′
Internal Height2.698 m8’10’
External Length12.192 m40’0′
External Width2.438 m8’0′
External Height2.896 m9’6′
Door Opening Width2.340 m7’8′
Door Opening Height2.585 m8’6′

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